Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main Products of Justin Case Lip Balms?

We have a wide range of Lip Balms, Lip Tints, and Face Masks in our products. The best product, however, we have are lip balms.

  1. Are all the products natural and organic?

Yes, we make our products to be natural and organic. This is to get our clients to products that are beneficial without harming their lips or skin.

  1. What are the main specifications of Justin Case Lip Balms?

We create products that are extra moisturizing and are the best in terms of flavor. Our products are made up of naturally sourced ingredients.

  1. Are all of these products tested and certified?

Yes, all the products offered by Justin Case Lip Balms are tested by professionals and experts. It is certified by the standard benchmark to make the contemplations on bringing out the best and safe product we can.

  1. What if I want to return a product that I don’t like?

Well, Justin Case Lip Balms has got 30 days of the return policy for all its products. The bought products must return in 30 days of purchase.

  1. Are the Lip Balms Gluten-Free?

Since we focus on creating natural and organic products, thus all our products are gluten-free.