About Us

About Just In Case

Justin Case Lip Balms LLC Was Born Out Of Nature And Necessity.

I blended the finest organic emollients, beeswax, and exotic oils to manufacture one of the safest and effective lip balm to protect, heal, and soothe our lips. This was something lip balms from other brands were never able to offer me. Instead of nourishing them, these balms seemed to dry my lips out.

And Thus, The Justin Case Lip Balms Took Shape.

After working in the personal care industry for more than five years, I decided I had had enough. It was time to figure out a workable solution to this problem. In my mind, the vision was that of a personal care brand that would revolve wholly and solely around client safety and satisfaction. This was when I started jotting down some formulations and began to test them out. Click this us finance website.

After considerable trial and error, I finally figured out a formula that was close to perfection. I began using this formula on my dry and chapped lips, and the change was noticeable only after a few applications! My lips became visibly softer and moisturized.

– And that is when I realized what my life’s calling was.
– There was an opportunity.
– Right in front of my very eyes.
– In 2019, I finally took the first step towards helping people with a brand that would take lip balms to a whole new level!

Everything We Sell Is 'The Balm!'